What Do I Have To Change About My Diet If I was The Laziest Person To Begin With
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What Do I Have To Change About My Diet If I was The Laziest Person To Begin With

 Many of us start something new because we get an impulse to do so. Maybe we go to a party and we like the way that person looks, the way they’re eating or even communicating. We live in an environment that makes us, us for the better or worse by mimicking others.

 So many diets are popping up just giving you hope either for a change something to benefit from it or being supported emotionally by a selected group. There’s no right or wrong in it. We just experimenting with new ideas, which simply means being a human. Though they come with a consequence which sometimes is counterproductive to our expectations.  We are the only species that we get to decide to eat what, when, and where. Despite all the different choices we make, we have a couple of things in common. We all breathe, drink water and sleep inarguably. Over %60 of a body made of water according to water.usgs.gov  and if you want to change just one thing to have better performance you need to consider drinking water. Of course from a quality source. 

Epigenetic Effect

 According to Dave Asprey, the famous experimenter water can have an epigenetic effect on your body. Which means you can even change your genes by only drinking water.

Her is what you should know about tap water

Whether you live in the US or elsewhere there are contamination and pollutions in your tap water that even governments can’t fix them even if they wanted to. So it’s your job to educate yourself and come up with the solution. 

Here are some of the harmful chemicals that may concern you.

. Chlorine 

Chlorine is widely used for purifying water to keep water supply clean especially in swimming pools. It’s been proven that chlorinated water will be safe from viruses and parasites because of antifungal properties. But in the meantime killing bad stuff it’s destroying good stuff too. Chlorine can wipe good bacteria off your skin, and gut. So eventually you weaken or seriously damage the good microbiome that helps your digestion. Even standing in the shower for about 10minutes and sniffing chlorinated water is equal to daily drinking tap water sneaky, right?  Haven’t you heard about sanitizing the pools with Chlorine gas? So here is the solution always use shower filter I’ve tried a couple and chose  AquaBills because I saw the difference myself. I trusted them way before it became Amazon’s best choice. 

. Lead And Other Heavy Metals

This is a serious matter guys. Lead is leaching to our water system from soldering pipes together when they connect them back in old days. According to CDC (center disease control and Prevention), if water stands in the pipe just for a couple of hours the lead will leach into the water. other than lead mercury also been found in some water sources. You just have to run the water at least 2 minutes before the usage. Especially if your building is over 60 years old. Lead poisoning is serious but the symptoms might get you mixed up with other diseases like fatigue, nausea, speech difficulty, etc… Remember Kids are more sensitive to heavy metal poisoning.

. Nitrates 

NO3  gets into our drinking water system from soil fertilizers, also from human and animal wastes in livestock they can carry by rain, rivers and septic tanks. 

. Pharmaceuticals

Who knows how much expired medicine we flush down the toilet every year. There are numerous articles about the journey of all drugs we take and how they’ll end up in our tap water like a contraceptive, antibiotics, antidepressant etc…,  Some we absorb and the rest pass into the toilet. We are not sure yet what’s the safety net here, but it definitely causes health issues in the long run. That can unbalance your hormones and even your mood.

. Your Body Your Call

 With all been said I don’t shop for expensive probiotics, or just go for organic vegetables and grass-fed meat as often as I used to, which by the way they are healthy habits that I want myself to get back on if the budget will allow me. But I haven’t drunk unfiltered water for about a year. I have to say my digestion and mood never have been better.

I usually drink FIJI water. Get the 1.5-liter bottle from Trader Joes, Whole Foods or Bed Bath & Beyond if you live in the east coast they are about $2. Then fill your other smaller bottles with it. Because Initially, you are paying the same price for a 1-liter bottle. store bottles in dark and colder places. And please recycle responsibly.

At home, I cook and use Zero water filter the water taste better than Brita filter but they both illuminate chlorine and reduce lead contamination. In the end, I am down with Dr. Mercola’s statement which if he wants to change just one thing to be more healthy he would switch to clean water. Also, many supermodels are swearing by drinking more water as a beauty technic, haven’t seen one drinking tap water!

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