The Barcelona Pavilion
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The Barcelona Pavilion

  Barcelona pavilion built in 1929 for the intentional pavilion exhibition, and it’s been inspirational to many young architects ever since. This house designed by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Lily Reich. The house was made of glass, steel, and several types of marble. Which was very well received by Alfonso XIII the king of Spain and other German officials at the exhibition.

 The pavilion closed and disassembled in 1930, but it was already a major focal point in the history of architecture. Later in 1980, Oriol Bohigas recreated the Barcelona pavilion from scratch with his architectural team Ignasi De Solà, Fernando Ramos, and Cristian Crici. The project began in 1983 and was ready to open three years later in 1986 at the same place.

Barcelona chair Birth

It’s been over a half-century that these chairs are the symbol of elegance, modernity, and minimalism. The Barcelona Chairs are made of stitched leather, and metal frames designed by Mies Van Der Rohe and Lily Reich.

. Contemporary Statue

The bronze woman figure is carefully placed in the pavilion. The sculpture is reflected in the water as well as on the glassy marble wall. This work of Art, sculpted by George Kolbe the German artist. The vulnerability of a naked woman and the roughness of its bronze texture is truly astonishing.

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