Step by step government shut down freak out guide.

Step by step government shut down freak out guide.

We all know how things have changed for so many people evolved in this governmental mess. for those, who have a decent saving account somewhere, is just another annoying thing. But most of employees aren’t coming from the strong financial background, and this could leave them really, really frustrated.

As a broke jobless new implanted to the  New York City, a couple years ago I’ve learned a thing or two, to how to pick myself up, and move on. Anyone who has ever lived in this city knows how soul-crushing it is to get back on your feet.


. Take A Nap

 I remember when I was a kid whenever my twin brother got in trouble he would sleep it off. My parents always criticizing him to deal with the issue instead but, he seemed so far off which surpass the certain point you start burning yourself on both ends, without making any headways, and that could harm your physical, and mental health. Try to get a nap, get a glass of wine and make sure the room’s quite and dark and take a long nap even if you have to sleep the whole day, of course if you don’t have to deal with kids.rom concern. Later in life down on me it was his defense mechanism. Duh, kids are very intuitive. There’s a threshold for everyone in


. Distraction Game

  Well, This is how the distraction trick works, your mind’s programed to analyze the problem and find the solution. When the problem is’t caused by your lets say logical mind it gets trapped like Donald Glover in This is America. The good news is you can disengage yourself and it has to be in a very early stage like when you first wake up. Don’t let your thought carry you away, when you realize your getting back to the old habits just observe your thoughts, and think your way back into the smart thinking.  For each one is different, you know yourself better than anyone else. Some people take a walk, some start playing video game or playing  with their pets, how ever your going to handle your distraction, it’s your job. You may even ask your best friend or surrounding people to help you in that matter. 

. Epsom Salt Bath

Take a long Epsom salt bath. Magnesium sulfate or better known as epsom salt helps you to relax your muscles and boost your mood.  Try to read, or listen to music meanwhile you are in the tub. Again it’s the distraction game.

. Being Grateful

Before you wake up and pick up the same thought train you had the night before, try to count on your blessings. It could be a roof over your head or even a soft pillow. It should be so simple that your mind doesn’t challenge the idea in a first place. It’s even more effective when you write those words down. That’ll help you to shift the energy and soon find yourself in a better place.

. CBD, Crap Bypass Drug

CBD oil, pomade, and drinks will also help you to unwind. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid compound in hemp and marijuana. personally, I haven’t tried this method but now scientists are catching up with psychedelics. That means it’s been shown in some researches that will help you with anxiety and other issues. How much you have to take you ask. That’s a million dollar question it varies from person to person. That’s why people are coming out of the woodwork to explain how do they improve during the intake. But according to Dr. Will Cole, you should start on a very low dosage like less than a 10mg and try to increase your dose up to 100mg in a day, at the meantime listening to your body, and the way it’s responding to the CBD oil.

. Meditate

Why I put such an important thing in the end because it seems very ridiculous for someone in the middle of the crisis to get them to try meditating for the first tiem. But hey, maybe it’s the time for you to take your mental well being more serious. There are tones of articles just coming out recently about how meditation changes people’s lives for good. We didn’t access the medical researches about meditation benefits more than 60 years ago meanwhile the eastern cultures have thousands of years of experience in the field. So initially what does it do is to help you to calm down, get more on point, also it treats and improves your skin tone moreover can help you to overcome your acne issue.


Sam Rafie

I'm a freelance writer and blogger. I believe in humanity, that we are gradually reaching to the point, knowing that we're all one. So wherever you are, be kind and keep reading.
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