Raymond Loewy Residence, Palm Springs California

Raymond Loewy Residence, Palm Springs California

Loewy Residence, Palm Springs, California, 1947
Julius Shulman Portrait of Raymond Loewy

Raymond Fernand Loewy is a well known Parisian designer and entrepreneur born in 1983. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Paris. Soon after world war one ended, Loewy moved to the United States in 1919. Then he started to work as a fashion illustrator for Vogue magazine briefly. His first breakthrough was to redefine and redesign Gestetner Copier. In 1929 he began his own design firm. Some of his greatest achievements in design history include Studebaker automobile, Pennsylvania railroad locomotives, and Greyhound buses. But of course, he’s best known for, lucky strike package design, and Coca Cola bottles.


This house is designed and built by a collaboration of Albert Frey and Raymond Loewy himself. The project began in 1946 and it took one year to complete. The pavilion was big enough for indulging parties and a lustful lifestyle in the middle of Californian palm springs desert. This house was mainly designed for entertainment purposes. Later when Loewy got married they expanded the building. The idea of a breezy modern look was based on the heat reduction, especially during summer the haze. So guests would be able to enjoy next to the pool meanwhile holding a glass of cocktail. The pavilion is mostly made of glass, wood, and cement. As you can see the pool is in the heart of the building which is calling everyone out to gather around.

photos courtesy of Julius Shulman and LIFE magazine

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