Kiss Your Clutter Goodbye With KonMari Method
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Kiss Your Clutter Goodbye With KonMari Method

Would it really make a big impact on your life, if you have had your place decluttered? Marie Kondo is an internationally famous Japanese author of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up says so. I first heard about her on Tim Ferries’s Podcast and all of a sudden she was everywhere. They even made a Netflix series  Tidying UP With Marie Kondo just recently. Which Kondo goes to every American household and helps them to get rid of their junk respectfully.

She claims that by getting rid of your unwanted clothing pieces, that doesn’t sever you, anymore not only you make a space for new things and people in your life, but you’ll also be more focused physically and emotionally. It ‘ll take less time to get ready for every occasion. She adds some of her clients even lost weight and improve their skin conditions who doesn’t want that?

Here are the principles she puts in work to declutter a place.

. Golden Rule

 This is my favorite rule of all. She basically says keep each and every item in your hand and ask this simple question, does it spark joy? If it does keep them otherwise let it go.

You have to be precise and keep only things that you love to see around you, if you are hesitant, that probably means you have to ditch them.

. Let go of the thing that weight you down in any way

 There are so many things that we hold on to just because letting them go make us feel guilty. Mostly those gifts that don’t fit in our lifestyle, or the stuff meant something to people that they used to live with us. Kondo wrote, “When you come across something that you cannot part with, think carefully about its purpose in your life”. Think about those stuff you bought impulsively. Like when you went to hang out with your partner for the first time, or a stupid thing you bought from that gift shop just to kill time. I recently got a sweater from someone that I really love, but the sweater has teeth worse than sandpaper. Those things served their purpose in your life, like that gift projected the love message from the person that I care, it’s okay to let them go.

. Discarding process

 That’s a serious matter and it will take time so before you want to jump right into it, you need to make time. I know it’s weekend and you have so much stuff to do, but trust me when you’re done you’ll thank me (think about how much time you waste every morning being indecisive with your outfit). Make a category and don’t stop till you’re done. Start with your clothing, and yes it means all the T-shirts and clothing pieces you own to underwear and socks. Pile them up on the floor and go through them one by one. Then you Books, Magazines, papers. At the end your other items like Makeup, Jewelries, etc.

. Keep things Vertical not Horizontal

 If you haven’t seen her on Netflix, I suggest watching at least an episode. You’ll get the idea of how she is doing her folding visually. This will allow you to reach your item more efficiently without messing other folding items. Like when you want a gray T-shirt but it’s all the way at the bottom. Also, that makes the item less wrinkled and accordingly more vibrant. I’m not kidding take look at the #Konmari that took social media by storm.

Finally, you have to keep the storing organized. In the process of tidying up you’ll learn tone of tricks but don’t forget if you put declutter stuff in the categories hard to keep, the chances you get back mess it up again will be huge. So try to categorize things in an easily accessible manner while you can put them away as quickly as you reach them out. I personally got rid of my stuff a long time ago since I’m living in a small place in New York City, but I can imagine how it’ll  have a huge impact for those with big households lifestyle.

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