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Overcoming loneliness is just a decision!

I feel lnly:af

 If being alone and not feeling lonely was consider power at all, it definitely is a superpower on the valentine’s day. When most people enjoy their time shopping and dining together. When you see smiles and kisses are being exchanged constantly, on the flip side, you feel like cast out. The reason I decided to write this is very personal to me. I live in New York City for seven years without being in a relationship, so I’ve learned how to get through that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been through really tough times. But there are things you can do to mitigate the loneliness. It’s like a muscle if you may.

After reading tons of self-help books and listening to people who overcome their loneliness I came with these strategies to build a better relationship with myself. Without a doubt, if you love yourself enough you won’t feel as bad when you are alone.

. Treat yourself

 Go to a nice restaurant, buy yourself that gift you’re always putting off as an unnecessary thing to do. It doesn’t have to be expensive more importantly it should make you feel worthy. Try a beauty treatment, or test drive a nice car you always wanted to drive. It’s different for everyone but we all have those desires we end up postponing them. Today is the day!

. Stay away from  too much carb and alcohol

 Being eating, too many carbs and alcohol not only make you moodier but also weigh you down physically and mentally. It feels great at first but as soon as the sauger level drops or the numbness fades you feel like crap. Try to keep moderation. If you can’t help yourself in those situations get rid of them before you start craving. When you can think straight.

. Put your focus on yourself

Are you one of those people who constantly compare themselves to others. Stop it right now. Trust me, it’ll only get worse when you do that. Don’t listen to the should and shouldn’t of what society considers healthy. You don’t know how many people stay in a toxic relationship just to avoid the fear of being lonely. At least you are not one of them. You are brave enough to don’t settle for a mediocre life. That has to leave you feel just a little on the spot.

Spending more time at home, not a good idea

 Yeah, maybe I should stay home and avoid people all together you say to yourself. If you are a jealous type go for a hike in a quiet nature or do something that doesn’t remind you that you’re alone. But get out, The more you spend time alone at home the more you feel miserable. Go for a walk play with other’s pets but don’t sit home for too long.

Get out the nature is the cure!

. Remember your value

 I love this one and not as a metaphor, but as a placebo. Remember what did others do for you when you felt most loved and cared. I remember once my best friend called me, got my address and sent me an Uber to go to his party. On my way to his place in the cab, I felt my true worth. I bottled that feeling like alchemy and sipping it up whenever I feel unloved.

. Exercise 

It’s not a brainer any more that oxygen cheer you up and calm your nerves. No wonder those who can afford will go to hyperbaric chambers and sleep in for an hour to get the benefits of oxygen therapy. You simply can do the same by running as little as thirty minutes.

. Meditate & Journal

 Stopping a chatter mind first thing in the morning. Journaling and meditation will help you to focus better. Being grateful is a game changer. It is scientifically proven you can’t focus on tow completely different feelings at the same time.

. Avoid people or situations if necessarily kills your mood

 You can’t shot the doors of the world, I totally get it. What I mean is, you have to be your best friend the company that you’re seeking. Then you look into others to find those qualities, that’s how it works. Stop beating up on yourself. Forget about that party or gathering that brings you down. Love yourself and buy yourself when no one does.

. Hug your pillow

 Hugging your pillow makes you sleep faster yet deeper. Do you remember when you were a kid you loved sleeping in between your parents, why? Oxytocin is released when any type of hugging occurs. This hormone reduces tension and helps you for a better sleep. you can put yourself in between two pillows if you’d like to be big and little spoon altogether.

. love yourself

 We are wired differently and thereby we are complicated. Some of these methods might work better than the others. But friends do what makes you feel good. If you already have someone to celebrate with, then perfect. But if you feel happy spending time with yourself you are gold.

Finally, I am going to have a word with you, the person who doesn’t fall into this category. I am really glad that you get to enjoy Valentine’s day with your lover. Take a moment, look around maybe someone needs your text/call or just a kind gesture. Maybe you could make this day unforgettable for someone else other than your partner. Be kind, and happy Valentine’s Day

Sam Rafie

I'm a freelance writer and blogger. I believe in humanity, that we are gradually reaching to the point, knowing that we're all one. So wherever you are, be kind and keep reading.
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