How To Choose A Bed Set Like A Pro
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How To Choose A Bed Set Like A Pro

I am going to tell you now, Why you need to change your bed sheets from time to time. Here is how to choose a bed set like a pro. Are you a typical person who goes to over 100 dollars once in several months for the ultimate luxurious eye cream. Just so to get rid of those dark circles nestled around your eyes. Hey do whatever it takes, but the chances that you’re not demolishing the issue from its root is high. I know because I’d been there.

.Why you need restful nights

 Besides drinking lots of water which I recommend the most and reducing your caffeine intake, how much sleep you are getting is the next question you should be asking yourself. It’s not about the duration of your sleep but the quality of it, has way more impact. With all being said the necessity of choosing the right sheets is more a must than an indulgence. If you know you how much you are exposing yourself to the diseases and even weight gain, I’m pretty sure you’ll take your sleep matter more seriously.

We all have preferences in different seasons. For instance, you much likely go for a breezy light fabric in summer and switch to a strong weighted, cocoon-like sheet in winter. Whether you know your preferences or just a clueless guy, these are the principals of bed sheetology ( I just created a word for it)


Remember the saying when you want to open a business, Location, Location, Location!! same goes for bed sheets like MATERIAL…

Soon man began to build houses with beds. They’ve realized the necessity to use bed sheets out of cotton why?  Because it is breathable and heat-keeper. It’s a great pick for any season and climate. Although, easily blends with other materials and pleases various preferences.


When it comes to cotton Egyptians are still the king, following Pima and Island cotton are the best cotton choices you’ll ever have. The Egyptian cotton word is overused. Remember when you are choosing a brand make sure you trust the company you get your bed sheets from.

Other than top three cotton choices bamboo fiber or cotton bamboo blend is another fantastic choice. Because of anti-microbial properties that bamboo has, and in the meantime it absorbs moisture. So you don’t wake up soaked in your sweat during the summer nights.


Linen sheets are rough on some people’s skin,  but they are light weighted. Even though they could be a good choice for a hot summer. Studies show You’ll be more likely to fall asleep faster if you use heavier covers.They also wrinkled fast, for those how prefer rustic look!


Satin sheets look glam and feel romantic, they can be too warm and slippery for many people. But they are gentle on your skin. Especially those are blended with silk. They are a good choice for winter as well.


Moreover, SUPIMA created from two word Superior and Pima cotton which is grown in the US and it took the market rapidly due to the organic fact and its sustainability.

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Egyptian Cotton

Thread counts

 When I first went to buy a bed set years ago after I moved to New York City. I decided to go fancy because I was dating a beautiful girl and I wanted to impress her. So I went to blooming dells and tried to get some extra information. Just so I don’t look like an idiot in the subject.  I asked the retailer how to choose a bed set like a pro. Then she goes like how many thread counts are you looking for?

 Guys that was years ago you should know this by know. A thread count is the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric — it’s easy to assume that the higher it goes the softer it feels. But that’s not always the case.

 You have to pick the higher thread counts following by quality fabric if you ever want to have a soft dream-like experience. Low-quality cotton with high thread counts doesn’t really count.

 Don’t go crazy over the thread counts unless you have extra bucks to burn. Between 450 and 600 is a good range for a nice soft bed sheet. You can simply get the idea by running your hand on the fabric. The higher thread count makes it crisper rather than softer.


Next step is How to choose a bed set that feels Crisp or soft? Satin is a weave that has a glossy and soft finish. If you like sheets with a little snap percale would be a great choice. This is a preference matter rather than a qualifying choice.

 Other common weaves are cotton flannel sheets that work like shearling jacket throughout the winter. Jersey sheet which basically with a flat knit that keeps them soft but also means they can be prone to slipping and sliding on the bed.

Summer sheet guide

If you lived in a hot and humid type of weather. You’ll definitely learn how a simple choice of bedsheets can save you tons of sweat and sleepless nights. So instead of synthetic fabric, you better go with pure cotton or bamboo sheets.

You would want to switch back to nylon or polyester blends for colder seasons. Yes, they get fewer wrinkles and they keep you way warmer than pure cotton.

Silk weaved bed cover


Keep that in mind that always check the washing instruction before you make the final decision. That silk or satin sheets are really soft and cool. But also cleaning a bed sheet every week that says dry-cleaning only on its laundry instruction could be breaking your bank.


I only add this section to tell you how did I felt coming back with the full bedsheet set to find out it’s not going to fit my queen mattress. I mean if you are tossing and turning in the bed, or you always fight over an inch of more sheet coverage with your spouse. You can go for a size bigger for the flat sheet or duvet but don’t mess with the fitted sheet and pillowcases ever. If you add a foam pad or other topper to your mattress, measure the height, then buy an extra-deep sheet that corresponds. At last, if you really like a set buy two, in case you spill something on it and you have to change that immediately. Or for cleaning routine purposes.

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