Here is to Macadamias The King Of Nuts
Macadamia nuts

Here is to Macadamias The King Of Nuts

If you ever stuck in a vegan restaurant with your super health conscious friends here is what you should know about macadamia nuts

German-Australian Ferdinand Muller gave Macadamia name to these nuts after Macadam, the Scottish chemist and politician in 1857. It wasn’t until late 1800s that they started cultivating them in  Hawaii islands. In 1970s the nuts began to gain their popularity.

In fact, only locals and high-class society could afford them. And soon macadamias introduced to the luxury goods like fancy chocolates, and confectioners. 

So why are they super expensive? It takes 7 to 10 years for a macadamia tree to flourish. Although the shells are so hard that you actually can brake a nutcracker itself before you see the nuts. (they need 300 lbs per square inch pressure, in order to crack)

They are also very eco-friendly. The tree could live up to 100 years, and keep the soil from being bombarded with chemicals. 

Health benefits 

Promoting A Healthy Heart

 The palmitoleic,  monosaturated fatty acids component in macadamia can support a healthy heart. It’s no longer a secret that the fat in nuts can benefit a healthy heart function. Helping lowering blood pressure and triglycerides the fat cause a major cardiovascular disease.

. Weight Loss Aid

 Although these nuts are high in calories about 200 in an ounce, they can help you to lose weight, how?

The high amount of fat and low carb foods are actually helping you to shed some pounds, by keeping you full for a longer period, rather than snacking throughout the day.

.Bone Health 

 They are high in calcium, magnesium, and potassium meanwhile they’re maintaining very low sodium. So try to get them unsalted. Keep that in mind that excessive salt can withdraw minerals from your bones.

. Brainy Nuts

These buttery nuts are an excellent source of palmitoleic acid that again helps you to overcome that foggy brain by protecting Myelin ( the coating around your neurons).

They are high in copper and thiamin (B1 vitamin), which both help you to boost your brain function.

. Jet fuel 

 We know that inflammation helps us to move around. It’s the byproduct of conversation of food to the energy (mostly from carbs). But there’s also a very sneaky downside to that, which can be really annoying. It can cause cancer, diabetes, weight gain and a lot more. This jet fuel can save you from unwanted excessive inflammation just enough to run smoothly rather than wearing out.

So whether you are following Keto, Paleo, or any types of low carb diet you might consider eating these nuts on a regular basis. Oh, by the and they taste great too! 

Sam Rafie

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