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The bluezoner is a chosen lifestyle. It’s a fresh approach to what has existed for centuries, it’s a unique attitude towards life, in a way that’s an optimum version on the path road for joyous life experience.

As you may ask what on earth is the blue zone anyway?

There are five regions across the globe in which they have the highest longevity rate.

Yes, indeed there are many factors involved in the process of living happily ever after so to speak.

 This is about eating habits, exercising, and having desired material stuff in order to create the best feelings for yourself. It’s also about connections with a respect to one another, especially elders who are now bent down due to the fruit of wisdom. Although traveling, decluttering your inner and, outer living space and so much more.

This project was a passion of us since we knew each other from many years and then we realize we are so much alike so we agreed to take it further and create a community based on the mindset that made us possible to lead a happier life. We also encounter challenges along the way some of us are coming from totally different walks of life, but what we know for sure is we are all one. We will share our stories more specifically and what we’ve learned along the way.

We’d love you to join in our community, it going to be an amazing journey, we promise.


 To me, the quality of life is important not the lifespan. Life’s suppose to be lived to the fullest. I am running frequently and I see many people well above their fifties and sixties still leading a healthy life and they’re enjoying it. Well if they can, so do you. Now here I’m going to share what I found over the past 10 years of researching and reading hundreds of books, and health-related articles. Of course, we’re all different. So your gonna have to experiment and invest in your health, but no matter how many hours you are exercising you have to have control over what you are going to put into your precious body. and that my friend will lead you to the Healthy body and to a conjunction to that a Healthy mind then all other great things will come to fruition. So I’m hoping my blog posts will help you get there gradually. I believe we could all get tremendous benefits from living in a healthier society. We are especially creating this for you, whom pretty aware of what’s going on around you. You have to take care of yourself first and foremost in order to take care of your loved ones. We are going to introduce you to the latest news, new founds in tech, life hacks and things that I found interesting and you get to decide to what to do with it. 


sam rafie

Sam Rafie

Architect, he had done some very cool stuff down town manhattan, and he's the example of thinking outside the box.

Chloé Bedford

She is a great mom, and a teacher. She also helps for researching and account management.

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