5 tips to remember your dreams.
How To Remember Your Dreams!

5 tips to remember your dreams.

 So why is important to remember your dreams. First of all, it’s a free trip to the unknown. We tended to see two to seven dreams a night during seven hours of sleep. That’s about seven years of dreaming in our lifetime. Dreams can be creative, thus give us a new vision. You’ll come up with new ideas in your dreams. Another benefit of dreams is your mind starts looking for the questions, you’ve asked before even those you forgot. It’ll give you the answers primarily matched to your background, and upbringing.

Although all dreams aren’t pleasant, they all carry a message from our other smarter dimension. Which’s worth listening to. For instance, Albert Einstein came up with the relativity theory in his dreams. Chemist Mendeleev envisioned the periodic table idea while he was dreaming. 

The importance of remembering dreams is so much so, that it’s a ritual in Achuar Amazonian tribe. They gather every morning around four am to sip a cup of tea and discuss their dreams. They believe not only they can communicate with their higher-self, but also to the other Amazonian across the rainforest. 

What is the lucid dream? When you actually know that you’re dreaming in your dreams it means you are experiencing a lucid dream. And if you were practiced enough you can learn how to lucid dream. Why is it important?  Because your unconscious mind starts to look for the answers and goes to the problem-solving mood. Like literally when you say to a person let me sleep on that matter.

Five ways to remember your dreams

1. Decide 

Decide that you will remember your dreams. You have to set an intention that you’ll remember your dream. Just like when you decide to wake up at a certain time, and you wake up even before the alarm goes off. Then affirm that you’re going to remember your dream. Tell yourself out loud, or write it down. That’ll help you to internalize the message.

2. Have a recording plan

Journaling is a key point to remember your dreams. Also, you can use your phone to record your voice. Try to keep it going to establish a habit, usually, it’ll take 15 to 30 days to form a habit. Try lighted pen. You don’t want your partner makes you forget about all that.

3. Try to remember what you dreamed before you do anything, 

When you first wake up don’t do anything, it’s even better to keep your eyes shut. See if you can remember what you saw, especially if you are looking for the answer to a question you deliberately have been asking.

4. Destress before you go to bed

Use relaxing methods that calm you down before you go to bed. Take your time and relax. Dreaming happens in the second stage of sleep at REM which stands for Rapid Eye Movement you’ll have to pass through the light sleeping stage.

5. Share your dreams

 Talking about what you’ve seen to your significant other and friends help you to in carving them. Like when you put your files in a folder, so later you’ll have access them, on demand.

Lastly remember to continue practicing, until you see results. Don’t give up too soon. It’ll be fun.

Sam Rafie

I'm a freelance writer and blogger. I believe in humanity, that we are gradually reaching to the point, knowing that we're all one. So wherever you are, be kind and keep reading.

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  1. Great text

    1. Thank you I appreciate that!

  2. I dream almost every night and in most cases I remember my dreams. However, there are some days when I can remember the person I dreamed but I can’t remember what the dream was about. This sounds very useful! Thank you!!!

    1. It’s awesome that you remember yours, I almost never remembered mine until I tried that myself, it’s really working for me.

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